Why use our plugins?

It is a type of communication aimed at specific users and previously selected. This means that they are much more receptive to messages than if they were randomly chosen users.

You minimize the chances of being marked as spam. In this sense, the double opt-in is the most suitable for your business. One of the advantages of this system is that there is a greater commitment on the part of the user.In this case it is he who is insisting to enroll in your email list, so his interest in your brand is more than clear.

Advanced segmentation according to user behavior and buying habits. Thus, the results of a company can be improved by up to 50%. This is because the messages reach customers better, which affects an increase in openings, clicks and final conversions.

The fact that you get used to creating a sending frequency will allow you to send certain impacts to your contacts. Thanks to these, users will know more and better your business. Therefore, when buying, they will remember your brand directly before going to the competition.

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