We make available to the client a team to feel comfortable that facilitates direct, instant and effective communication.


We dream, project and move forward hand in hand to achieve success.


We work on new ideas that allow us to evolve looking to a future for and for our clients.


We are a company specialized in strategies of Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and SMS. We specialize in high-volume customers, for whom delivery, opening and clicking are essential in your business.

Easily integrate and centralize all your data sources in a single tool. Create dynamic and intelligent campaigns according to the user's behavior in real time according to the needs of the market.

We put at your disposal a great team that will be in charge of creating an Action Plan, with the aim of offering unique experiences for each of the users, creating a engangement between it and the brand.

Creative Department

Your corporate password is the reference for all your customers and taking care of the smallest detail in your designs will allow you to maximize your brand. Therefore, SenderGlobal puts at your disposal a team formed by professional specialists in successful designs that study the brand and help you to give the best image in the online world.

Boosting your brand is the starting point!

Your email is your way of telling things, pay attention.


Create your desired newsletter or landing page following your guidelines.


Quickly create, develop and apply previously established models and design criteria.

Account Marketing

Manage your campaigns and advise you in a personalized way with successful strategies to increase your sales.


It helps you stand out from the other brands in the world of Email Marketing.


Control your campaigns during the shipping time to provide a good delivery.


Constantly inform about the results obtained and possible improvements in future shipments.

Our value is to make Email Marketing a simple and practical tool that achieves your goals!

Take advantage of the dates indicated

Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day ... All of them are dates when people usually buy more. In many cases to give it to the nearest. Something you can take advantage of in your email marketing campaigns.

Seasonal marketing refers to these types of strategies. Brands invest resources in catching the user on these dates when consumption is higher. These moments are key to many email marketing strategies. And there, a good design, especially personalized, increases the sales options.