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Accelerate sales with SenderGlobal

Designed to sell more.
40% increase in online sales.

Omnichannel Platform

Connect, interact and loyalty to your client with a 360 degree vision.

  • Email, SMS, Web and Social Networks
  • Customer Journeys
  • Marketing Automation
  • Push Notifications

Experts in email marketing and SMS

We offer the perfect product to each consumer thanks to ROI Marketing and Machine Learning.

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SenderGlobal is committed to online and offline brands to focus the appropriate strategy on their sector, allowing them to build and cultivate personalized relationships with their clients on the same platform. We make available to the client a technical team and advisors specialized in successful strategies, which make email marketing an easier world.

We grow with the client, since their achievements are part of our effort.

A unique tool: Email, SMS, Social, Transactional, Push APP / Web notifications!

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Our history

Creation of SenderGlobal.

SenderGlobal was born with the idea of empowering and loyalty to consumers through an Omnichannel marketing tool. Thanks to the experience in this sector, SenderGlobal specialized in the study of the behavior of a possible consumer being the key in the strategy of its clients. This allowed customers to increase 40% in final sales.

Growth of the company.

4 years later, we become one of the leading companies in the market. SenderGlobal grows with the help of your team and the trust of your customers.

Application of new features.

To give our customers better opportunities in the world of online marketing, we apply new improvements to our platform such as the next release of the new version with automation-based features.

Innovation, technology and commitment to the service of our customers.

Much more than a tool! With an experience of more than 10 years in the sector, Sender Global makes available to the client a team to feel comfortable and facilitate direct and instant communication. We work on new ideas looking to the future that allow us to evolve by and for our clients.

SG Marketing Cloud Platform

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Create your newsletters with our 100% responsive Drag & Drop
Test AB
Create your AB Test and select the winner.
Very complete tool to visualize the results of your campaigns

A team of professionals

We help you immerse your brand in an Omnicanal world based on the experiences of your own consumers.

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